Slushee™  equips you with all the essentials for launching your icy beverage sales. Our budget-friendly startup package comes with a custom-branded Slushee™  machine, your choice of syrups, branded cups and spoon-straws, plus complimentary point-of-sale materials.

Slushee™ Machines Free On Loan

Discover our unique ‘On Loan’ solution, enabling retail and leisure operators to reap margins in excess of 60% at affordable retail prices selling Slushee.™. The slush market is booming, and there’s no better time to jump in. Frozen slush beverages have become an essential offering in various industries across the UK, given their skyrocketing popularity and the enticing margins for retailers. Our ‘On Loan’ model is a win-win partnership. We equip retailers with a commercial-grade Slushee™ machine and branding package at no cost. In return, we ask that the retailer sources all slush-related products exclusively from Slushee™.
Benefits of the ‘On Loan’ Model for Retailers
  • Zero upfront equipment costs. Preserve your capital. A deposit and initial order are necessary.
  • Round-the-clock support ensures your machines run smoothly.
Why Choose Slushee?
Celebrating two decades in the business, with millions enjoying Slushee™ every year.
  • Our promise? Slushee™ delivers the tastiest frozen drinks out there.
  • Retailers benefit from unparalleled margins, with a minimum of 60%.
  • A vast array of Slushee™ flavours, spanning our classic, Sugar-Free & Cocktail selections.
  • Small Pour Bottles allows you to control portions, costs and consistency of the product.
  • Easy to use 10 to 1 dilution ratio.
Our Promise to You
  • Hassle-free application process.
  • You get a top-tier Slushee™ machine.
  • Complete branding, complemented by striking point-of-sale materials.
  • Quick next-day delivery for supplies.
  • Warranty covering the entire tenure of our agreement.
What We Expect
  • Source all your slush essentials directly from Slushee™.
  • machine remains spotless and sanitary.


Our frozen drink machines are ideal for:
  • Retail stores & shopping centres
  • Tourist hotspots
  • Quick-service eateries
  • Kids’ play zones
  • Party rental services
  • Cinemas
  • Ice cream vans
  • Mobile food vendors
  • Bars & clubs
  • Current slush resellers
  • Trampoline venues
Our machines are a breeze to set up and can be installed in virtually any high-traffic area, especially those frequented by younger patrons. Reach out for more details.